Product Care

All BECKY JEWELRY jewels are made of the purest 925/1000 sterling silver, and are plated with white rhodium, black rhodium, 18k gold or 18k rose gold. It is natural that the gold/rhodium-finished pieces lose their color over time. If they are exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur (such as rubber bands and some papers), this process is quicker. Sometimes, skin pH can also intensify changes in color of plated jewelry. Avoid exposing your pieces to household products, perfumes, lotions, and excessive amounts of water. Frequently clean your pieces with a clean and soft tissue or a polishing cloth. Be gentle with your pieces, as they are delicate by nature. All stones are hand-set and therefore should be cared for accordingly.

Jewelry storage is important. Between wearing your pieces, we recommend that you place them in a suitable lined box or pouch. Avoid leaving your pieces in a room with extensive humidity. 


DiamondB™, a registered trademark, is very similar to extremely hard stones, is free of impurities and offers an intense brilliance used to highlight dazzling sets of jewellery.

BECKY JEWELRY team selects the finest quality zirconium oxide gems with extremely strict criteria and care. Each DiamondB™ has a unique character: a synthetic gem made in the laboratory using extremely elaborate techniques.

The DiamondB™ stand out for their infinite range of colors reflecting emotions and personalities; necklaces, cuff bracelets and earrings transform every woman into a regally adorned idol.


Fusion stones, as the name 'fusion' already suggests, are made from the fusion of crystals and rare stone fragments, as well as having purposeful internal grooves, which make them seemingly very close to the precious stones, and also unique because none has the same identical crackle effect.

It is made of white quartz stone overlaid with colored crystal, exclusive to the BECKY JEWELRY brand.